About Us

About Us

When we started this journey, we were operating out of a tiny unit on 451 West Gerard Avenue.  It was definitely not ideal, but it was here that we fueled our drive to develop into something different.  Today that something is Four Five One™ Events and our family brands: Catering by Design, By Design Event Décor, and Denver’s Picnic Company.

Each brand offers a set of unique services that are interconnected, but growing more independent every day.  As we continue to morph and evolve, our vision to be recognized as the go-to company for every noteworthy event stays in focus.  In fact, it’s very clear.  And to support our vision, we’re shaping a business where creativity is our constant and imagination is free to challenge the norm.

Our Calling … to be constantly creative and to reimagine your experience

Our Core Values … Quality, Professionalism, Innovation, Profitability, Service

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